Julia Burtenshaw | May 15, 2015
While researching for the exhibition Ancient Colombia: A Journey through the Cauca Valley I became fascinated by the chronicles, the writing and views of some... read more
Adriana Linares | April 15, 2015
Mi experiencia en el ámbito arqueológico me ha hecho problematizar cuales son los beneficios que la comunidad (léase población, no académica) obtiene de... read more
Matthew Helmer | March 15, 2015
Peru is home to some of the richest seas on the planet. Today, over 10% of the entire world’s fish catch comes from the region. Yet, archaeologists are still... read more
Scott Hutson | February 15, 2015
Sitting on an ancient building at the ruins of Uci, Yucatan, Mexico, I tugged at the 57th tick on my leg. Ticks are common in the low scrub forests around here... read more
Kevin Terraciano | January 15, 2015
The fascinating exhibit The Painted City: Art from Teotihuacan on view at LACMA [now closed], has made me think again about this magnificent city. As many as a... read more